Notorious V.A.G.

As an inexperienced writer I was obviously more concerned with the title of my blog than the actual content. These are a few different titles I ran through:

The Notorious V.A.G.- I veered away from this one because my vagina looks nothing like the Notorious B.I.G.  It also isn’t very famous and hasn’t written any world renowned music. 

Hey Vajayjay – Is a radio show dedicated to vaginas and vaginal health. HIGH FIVE

Shushu-  This is the name my mother used to refer to my sisters’ and my vagina. It is also a decently priced Chinese restaurant in Texas. Yes, I did check out the menu. 

Anything about hairy vags- This leads to a series of intense porn sites, which I would love to tell you more about but I am using my Mother’s laptop and am concerned about her fragile heart stumbling across these sites on her internet history.

Why my hairy vag and me? Well, my vagina is pretty hairy. So, it seemed fair to acknowledge this. Also, I wanted this blog to be a space where my vagina and I could share our thoughts.

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