Taut, tidy and pink- a poem

I want tucked, tiny and small 

Taut, tidy and pink 

But you’re swollen and you’re blue 

And need some lipo I think 


Say symmetry is beauty? 

You’ve failed that test 

Droopy, slack and lopsided 

A two out of ten at best 


If you were snuck into playboy 

The editor would scream 

You’re spoiling our smooth barbie vagina dream 


In my own school bio textbook 

Impossible to find 

Were your friends, who like you, wear their folds creased and lined 


And on that naked dating show

Where bodies were rated

Your large labias mates were never celebrated


Even though I dislike you

I feel so upset

That your looks aren’t seen as normal

Putting your confidence under threat

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